Before you begin studying for the exam, please review the eligibility requirements to ensure you are an eligible candidate. To guide preparation efforts, please plan to review the test blueprint found in the candidate handbook.
Successful candidates note that, in addition to reflecting on their own professional practices, the following strategies were employed:

  1. Taking Online practice exams to familiarize themselves with the style and content of the exam
  2. Reviewing relevant books and web-based resources, including but not limited to:
    1. NASN Position Statements
    2. Selekman, J., and Wolfe, L. (2010). School nursing certification review. NASN.
    3. Selekman, J. (2012). School nursing: A comprehensive text. NASN.
    4. Forming a study group with other candidates from the area
    5. Joining the NASN National Exam Candidates Discussion Group

Please note that the suggestions above are not exhaustive, and review will not guarantee success for every candidate. The NBCSN does not publish or endorse any specific study guide or program. Do you have other study strategies? Please let us know so
we may add them to the list.